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About our car underseal service
Our rust proofing process: As used by the MOD & NATO.
  • Wheels come off (incuding spare wheel), Removal of all arch liners and any underbody guards.
  • All flaking rust will be removed, (various methods are used dependant on overall condition).
  • Steam Clean the full underside/arches of Vehicle using a degreaser to remove any dirt, grease and salt.
  • Once dry and we have a clean surface to work with, Treat any rust with Rust Convertor (leave to cure overnight).
  • Injection of Cavities with Cavity Wax, all doors treated as part of the process.
  • Treat the full underside of vehicle with Underbody Wax (Clear, Grey, Brown or Black finish).

On collection of your vehicle you will be issued with a certificate for the above work thats been carried out.

Why Preserve & Protect

Rust treatment and rust protection products for use on a number of different applications such as classic cars, Campers, Motorhomes, 4×4, Taxis, military vehicles, motorbikes as well as all utility vehicles and trailers.

Please dont hesitate to contact us with any special requirements you may have, a job is never too big for car undersealing specialists!!

What is the difference between Waxoyl and Dinitrol?

DINITROL is a wax which dries to leave a cured soft outer layer where as Waxoyl is a mixture of wax and oil which never cures and continues to be liquid even after many months. Waxoyl is only one product to treat the whole of your vehicle, whereas Dinitrol is made up of four different products which are specifically designed for each section and cavity of your vehicle.

Read more about the difference between Waxoyl & Dintrol

Taking care of your vehicle not just

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Free Inspection after care service

You are welcome back for a free yearly inspection of the wax and underside.

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