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The Process

About our car underbody protection process
The Process

Underbody Rust & Vehicle Corrosion Protection at Preserve & Protect

Under sealing a car can extend the lifecycle of your vehicle. Using Dinitrol is the most effective way to do this. We are a top rated, Dinitrol treatment centre. We want to ensure your vehicle gets the best rust proofing and corrosion protection possible.

The Treatment Process:

Step 1:

The first thing we will do is assess your vehicle against the vehicle grade sheet. To do this we welcome you to book in for a FREE vehicle visual inspection, this takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

During the inspection we will be able to gain access to assess the current condition of the vehicle against the Vehicle Grade Sheet detailed below. We will identify any weak areas or concerns and advise on the best treatment and rust proofing products for your vehicle.

Our staff will be on hand during the inspection to answer any questions you may have. These staff members include fully qualified and experienced Rust Prevention Specialists, Mechanics and Fabricators.

Vehicle Grade Sheet:

  1. Completely Rust Free or very limited amounts present. This would suit Brand new vehicles or Fresh Imports.
  2. Surface rust present but regarded as minor.
  3. De-lamination Identified – The Separation of rust layers.
  4. Heavy Surface rust present on underside/arches/cavities and welded seams.
  5. Severe rust Issues recognised & advised uneconomical to repair.

Step 2

Treatment Day:

When you arrive we will confirm all contact details and how you wish to be contacted on the day and beyond.

Did you know?

We photograph every stage of treatment from disassemble, masking, all the way to the end results. You will get regular updates of progress and end up with approx 60 Images. This is a fantastic record for any car file and a great way to document its time with us.

Step 3

First we remove all the wheels, arch liners and any underbody guards from the vehicle. Then it is fully masked up and provided with a fresh protective car wrap to protect paintwork.

At this point we are able to give an accurate grading of your vehicle’s current condition. The grades are from 1 to 5, with 1 being like a brand new vehicle and 5 having severe rust Issues. This helps us gauge what treatment methods to use to ensure the most longevity and best results.

Step 4

We need to Assess the appropriate vehicle grade and preparation work that will be required.

In some cases If grade is between 3-5 some welding may be needed. Additional tools and equipment may be needed to fully prepare surface.

We may need to remove additional parts to gain better access and give better treatment, for example bumpers, exhausts, prop shafts and suspension. If this is necessary, there will be an additional charge, but we will discuss this with you.

Next we need to descale and fully steam clean the underside and arches of the vehicle using a degreaser, from here we will treat any rust with rust convertor this is left to cure overnight. Depending on severity of the rust we have various grades of rust convertor and inhibitors to use.

Step 5

After rust converting developing time we will Inspect and ensure a second application of rust convertor isn’t needed. If it is, we will apply it then.

Step 6

If all is well, we can progress to the priming and spraying stage. Available colours Black, Clear or Bronze. The primer and spray are left to cure for 24hrs. (Extra Heat can be applied if needed)

Did you know? We also carryout a Raptor service which is a hard epoxy paint that can be tinted to any colour. Check out our website for full run down.

Stage 7

At this point we carryout a double application of cavity wax injections along with rust inhibitors into all cavities, chassis, cross members and box sections. We want to ensure that you have full underbody protection and rust proofing and prevention treatments.

At Preserve & Protect, we make sure we don’t miss a thing. We have spray diagrams for most vehicles to fully ensure we maximise and plan out every area of rust proofing and welded seam. Some makes & models can have hidden or hard to reach areas.

Stage 8

Our experts will now fully examine the wax finish to ensure consistency and texture before putting the arch liners and underbody guards back in place.

All protective coverings are removed and final checks will be carried out before the wheels are placed back on.

Stage 9

Collection and Handover Instructions:

You will be given a time when your vehicle is ready to be collected. We will have fully sanitised it before handing it over. We will then issue you with full instructions on how to best look after the newly treated underside of your vehicle. Expect to have a full report on what corrosion and rust treatment was used and to see the amazing results of you newly protected vehicle. 

Stage 10

It doesn’t end there, we carryout Free annual Inspections! Just bring your vehicle back to us and we can fully inspect its overall condition after each year. If your vehicle grade was poor, we may ask to see the vehicle back sooner to continue with the rust proofing service.

Why Choose Us?

Over the years we have gained a lot of knowledge regarding rust and rust prevention. We know what combination of products to use for brand new vehicles, vehicles in an average order for their year/age and what’s best for longevity.

We know each car is unique and it’s condition is dependant on several factors including the age and what the usage has been. At Preserve & Protect we are able to put together a personal package individually catered for both the owners and vehicles needs.

Pricing & Preparation Structure

The Below traffic light system helps us determine what treatment will best benefit your vehicle. The condition of each vehicle is individual and some will require more preparation than others. Generally speaking, the more time spent on your vehicle equates to a higher cost to repair.

* Please note: No work will be carried out without prior agreed permission. *

Red : Overall very poor condition with heavy deposits of rust. 6+ hours preparation.

Amber : Overall condition ok and in an average order. 4 – 6 hours preparation.

Green : Great overall condition with minor surface corrosion. 1-3 hours preparation.

We are able to provide Estimated Quotes and bookings via our Website, Facebook and Instagram , in person and via telephone. Our bookings team aim to respond promptly and will happily work your vehicle’s treatment around your busy lifestyle.

Free Inspection after care service

You are welcome back for a free yearly inspection of the wax and underside.

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The Process

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