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The Importance of Rust Protection for your Motorhome/Camper or Van

Rust protection at its best should be applied when the vehicle is new, this prevents any deterioration to commence.

  As time goes on factory underseal can start to chip away, this can sometimes be a rubber-based hard wax, once the coating has split water can get under the surface and rust will start to form.

  As the underside ages more aggressive rust will form due to bad weather conditions and salt.

  Some owners will not be fully aware until an MOT fails or has an advisory for corrosion. As soon as you get your next new van, motorhome or camper please get in touch for a FREE Inspection, we can discuss all options and what product would suit the underside current condition.

  Did you know some motorhomes, vans & campers have a wooden floor, this can rot away If left untreated for any length of time? Underseal cannot be applied to wood but thankfully we have a specifically designed Swedish clear/black coat that prevents any decay from happening and it remains breathable.

  Do you want or are you in the process of converting your own van into a camper? Should you convert first or underseal first?

  We would advise converting first, get the Inside as you want it, drill all those holes for pipes and heaters. Once all set we can fully seal the underside and arches without them being disturbed again.   Failing to do this would mean several visits to us to re-coat any affected areas.

  Wondering what your camper, motorhome or van looks like underneath? Please don’t hesitate   to contact us:

      Custom Camper Coatings

      Vulcan Works

      Floor Street


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or email custom.campers@yahoo.co.uk Vist our website at www.customcampercoatings.co.uk for more details.

Left Untreated 
within time corrosion will worsen leading to rust
before the conditioning – sparse factory protection


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