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Fast & Easy Dent/Scratch Repair Service

Preserve Protect are proud to announce our paintless dent removal service (PDR). Using PDR is a way of removing car dents which can not only work out cheaper than most body shops but in some cases could even be less than your insurance excess. PDR works by pushing out the dented metal from behind using specialist tools. By manipulating the metal by pressure and massaging, metal can be restored back to a factory finish without the needs for fillers or paint. Advantages of paintless dent removal are numerous:-       

  • Protect the environment – With paints and chemicals often used for traditional body shop repairs, you can often offset the damage as no harmful paints or fillers are used in the repair of your vehicle.       
  • Quick Turnaround – PDR repairs are often repaired a lot quicker than traditional body shops, meaning you can be mobile again in no time.
  • Great For Lease Cars – At the end of the lease term, avoid any penalties by using the PDR service to fix any dents associated with wear and tear of a vehicle.
  • No Colour or Finish miss-matching – Because no paints or fillers are used, you can have an original factory finish without the worry of paint or colour mismatches. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective and convenient way to remove those annoying car dings, dents and creases, whilst protecting the overall finish of your vehicle, then get in touch.  

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Free yearly inspections each year You will be invited for a free health inspection of the wax and underside.

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